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In Public Places

Maine is Making Progress

Maine is the only state to have received all As from the American Lung Association, and our report card shows the most significant progress in the area of smoke-free air. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places and workplaces (including company vehicles) in Maine, and we are proud to be among the first states requiring public places and worksites to be smoke-free. These actions have significantly limited exposure to secondhand smoke.

Our strong action is making a difference – we’re saving lives and reducing our health costs, and that’s improving lives for everyone in Maine.

Indoor Public Spaces are Smoke-Free

Maine’s smoke-free laws ensure that all indoor settings, open to the public, are smoke-free. This includes the following:

In addition, any outdoor area where smoking is allowed must have at least four feet of space open to the outdoors at the top or bottom of at least one wall to allow air to circulate.

Strengthening Smoke-Free Laws

The Maine State Legislature continues to strengthen Maine’s strong smoke-free air laws: Enforcement of a growing list of tobacco-free initiatives is at an all-time high. Fines for violations have been increased, and prior exemption for taverns, lounges, and pool halls has been revoked.

Maine law also supports the making of stronger laws by Maine businesses, hospitals, and other organizations. These laws can cover all tobacco products such as spit, chew, cigars, and smokeless tobacco.


The Great Outdoors. Now Even Greater.

Maine Law LD 67 makes common areas in our state parks and historic sites smoke-free. These areas include:

The Maine outdoors is a better place without cigarettes or secondhand smoke. Learn more.


Maine’s Smoke-Free Laws:

Smoking in Public Places (including daycares):

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