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Promoting Cessation

The Role of the Communities

Communities are critical in supporting and promoting the efforts of smokers to quit. Work must be done at the local level to reach out to those who are in unique positions to communicate the message of cessation and quitting treatment options. Principle partners in this effort include medical providers, social services, behavioral health organizations and practitioners, community organizations including religious groups, civic groups and other nonprofits, and businesses.

The Maine Tobacco HelpLine: Promoting Support that Leads to Success.

The Maine Tobacco Helpline, established to provide over-the-phone clinical treatment for Maine tobacco users who want to quit by phone, has achieved a 21% long term quit rate – an outcome that is three times higher than results seen with smokers who quit on their own.

The HelpLine offers toll-free telephone counseling to anyone in Maine who wants to quit using tobacco. In 2005, there were 15,526 calls to the HelpLine, more than in any previous year. Calls represented every county in the state, in proportion to the number of smokers in that county. By promoting the HelpLine to consumers using posters, brochures, and other outreach materials, and providing access to the HelpLine by professionals and health care providers, it will continue to be a fundamental part of supporting the cessation efforts.

Learn more about The Maine Tobacco HelpLine.

Maine is a Leader in Training

Basic Skills Training

More than 1,500 Maine health, school and social service professionals have participated in either one- or two-day treatment educational conferences. Basic Skill Training teaches attendees to incorporate tobacco treatment messages into their practices. Participants all learn to conduct brief tobacco treatment in any setting, and the training prepares attendees to become a Maine Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialists

The Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program is a commission of professionals with expertise and experience in addiction and substance abuse, counseling, and tobacco treatment who oversee the exam and certify qualified individuals as Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists (TTS-C).

The Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) is a trained health professional who specializes in the treatment of tobacco dependence as part of his or her professional role. The TTS demonstrates the knowledge and skills to provide current and effective treatment for tobacco dependence. The TTS-C provides quality assurance to clients, third party payers, employers, and referring health care providers and ensures best practice performance standards.

Promote Tobacco Treatment Trainings. Learn about the Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialist Program and the certification process at The American Lung Association of Maine.

Provide Tobacco Treatment Trainings. Part of teaching best practices in the delivery of brief interventions and treatments for tobacco dependence has been accomplished through trainings conducted in collaboration with Maine’s Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI).

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