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Developing School Policies

The School Policy Initiative helps Maine schools create and maintain 100% tobacco-free campuses. This Initiative takes an important step toward raising awareness about secondhand smoke and helps to provide tobacco-free model environments for school districts and communities.

When schools meet PTM criteria for being tobacco-free, they become "star schools," meaning they have developed a policy that prohibits tobacco and tobacco advertising on their grounds and at school events, and they enforce those policies. Most importantly, it means those schools are protecting children from the dangers of secondhand smoke and reinforcing messages of tobacco prevention.

How does my school become a "star school?"

To become a "star school" and receive your free signs, your school must meet the following PTM Tobacco-Free School Policy criteria:

PTM also provides a manual, Creating and Maintaining a Tobacco-Free School Policy, for school administrators interested in developing tobacco-free policies. Download Creating and Maintaining a Tobacco-Free School Policy.

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