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Real Talk About Smoking

One out of every seven high school students in Maine is a smoker. Designed for a high school audience, The Real Talk About Smoking video features six of these daily smokers as they describe, in their own words, what it is like to be a smoker. The young people talk about what got them started, the sacrifices they’ve made, and the frustration and social embarrassment of being hooked on tobacco. The straightforward approach of peers talking to peers helps other students relate to what these young people are saying. By keeping it real, we hope this video speaks directly to the concerns and pressures that students face daily.

View the Real Talk About Smoking video.

A discussion guide is also available for teachers to use in their classrooms to facilitate a conversation about what was seen on the video. The guide includes facts about teen smoking rates and questions to ask the youth. Some sample questions include, “Did you know how much kids give up because of smoking?” and “Who is affected by someone’s choice to start smoking?” The guide also includes side discussions topics such as stress, low self-esteem, and weight control, as well as activities for youth to do outside of the classroom.

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