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On-Site Practice Training

Tobacco Treatment Clinical Outreach Program

The Clinical Outreach Program, developed by the Center for Tobacco Independence on behalf of the Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine, aims to educate a wide variety of health professionals about addressing tobacco in the routine delivery of healthcare services. CTI and their Tobacco Treatment Educators work to deliver on-site training using an academic detailing model. This method offers in-person, office-based educational sessions focused specifically on tobacco dependence and treatment. There is no fee for this service.  See below for more information.

On-Site Sessions

The session seeks to engage all people who work in the practice and impart knowledge about evidence-based treatments and statewide resources. The Tobacco Treatment Educators also touch upon the need to apply “systems changes” in the office setting, in an effort to ensure that interventions with patients who use tobacco are routinely applied in a long-term fashion. The 1-hour training sessions are approved for 1 hour of category 1 continuing education credits for most disciplines.

Training Objectives and Themes

Participants will become familiar with the findings and recommendations of the 2008 Public Health Service Guideline for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence, as well as other state and local resources available to help with their tobacco treatment efforts. Upon completion participants will have an understanding of various assessment tools and the ability to offer counseling, education, medications, positive support, and information on how to prevent relapse.

On-site training sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of any clinical practice (includes medical, dental and mental health). For more information or to arrange for a Clinical Outreach Session in your office, call The Center for Tobacco Independence

at 207-662-7140.

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