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Why Refer to the Maine Tobacco HelpLine?

The Maine Tobacco HelpLine is supported by the Fund for Healthy Maine and Maine Centers for Disease Control/Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine. The HelpLine has serviced over 55,000 callers since 2001, and provides critical support to Maine's clinicians as they expand the reach of tobacco cessation and treatment.

Delivered over a series of phone contacts, the HelpLine provides free, intensive behavioral counseling for people who are thinking about quitting or who are ready to quit smoking, for friends or family members of tobacco users who want to quit, and for professionals who want to help a patient or client quit.

MTH: Positive Clinical Outcomes

  1. Tobacco users are 2-3 times more likely to quit with help from The Maine Tobacco HelpLine than when they try to quit on their own.
  2. Maine's clinical treatment by phone has achieved a 21% long-term quit rate - an outcome that is three times higher than results seen with smokers quitting on their own.
  3. Quitting has been found to be highest with counseling combined with nicotine therapy, and the HelpLine makes this critical combination available.
  4. The HelpLine provides access to nicotine replacement therapy to smokers without insurance or insurance benefits for therapy through the medication program.

Use the HelpLine

Contact The Maine Tobacco HelpLine to help a patient or client quit, or refer patients or clients to the HelpLine if they want to quit or are thinking about quitting. All Maine residents have access to the HelpLine by calling 1-800-207-1230. It's free, confidential, and it really works.

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