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Where Can I Smoke at Work?

Maine's Workplace Smoking Law requires that:

Where in the workplace may smoking be allowed?

Employers in Maine may ONLY  allow smoking outdoors, at least 20 ft. from entryways, windows, vents and doorways, and not in any location that allows smoke to circulate back into the building.

May employers adopt policies that go beyond Maine Law?

Yes, employers may decide to prohibit all tobacco use, not just smoking. They may also decide to not allow smoking anywhere outdoors on their property.

May employers in Maine refuse to hire tobacco users?

No, employers may not require, as a condition of employment, that current employees or prospective employees refrain from tobacco use when they are not at work, or otherwise discriminate against employees who use tobacco outside of employment.

Wouldn’t it Be Easier to Quit?

You know the health effects of smoking and the dangers of secondhand smoke. Quitting is important for your health, and also for the safety and health of your family and those around you.

Are you ready to quit, or are you thinking about quitting? Find out how .