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Maine Policies and Programs

How PTM Makes a Difference

With continued vigilance on the part of the PTM and all our partners, we are convinced that we can continue to save Maine lives from the grips of tobacco. The following are the policies and programs that are helping to make a difference in Maine.

Tobacco Treatment Programs

Counter-Marketing and Public Awareness

Find out more about PTM’s Counter-Marketing Efforts.

Community Programs

PTM works closely with Maine’s Healthy Maine Partnership communities across the state on local outreach prevention and control programs. For more information, visit Healthy Maine Partnerships.

Enforcement Programs

School Programs


PTM is committed to evaluating every program and initiative it undertakes so that accurate and up-to-date information can be provided on a timely basis to policy makers and state legislators. Routine evaluation for effectiveness and impact enables PTM to maximize program performance and aids in day-to-day decision-making.

Smoke-Free Policies

All indoor public places in Maine are free from secondhand smoke. See Breathe Easy for more information.

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