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Tobacco Companies Glamorize Their Deadly Product

Tobacco companies will spend over $73 million promoting cigarettes in Maine this year – and they’re targeting kids. Big Tobacco is talking to our kids every day: in convenience stores, in magazines, online, and through special promotions designed to lure them into thinking that smoking is cool or a way to express their independence.

Create Fresh New Messages to Kids Every Year

Big Tobacco is actively capturing data about their young targets. They know their taste in music and fashion, what products their future customers might prefer, and how to reach them. Youth are highly influenced by retail store promotions, and almost half of all Maine high school students report experimenting with smoking.

As many as one-third of all youth who experiment with smoking do so because of effective tobacco industry marketing.

On August 17, 2006, U.S. District Judge Gladys Kesseler issued a federal opinion in the federal government’s lawsuit against major tobacco companies. It was found that the tobacco companies:

How Does Big Tobacco Market Their Deadly Product?

Pinpointing Youth Behaviors

Tobacco companies intimately study youth behavior and use their findings to create images and themes attractive to youth.

In the Movies

Tobacco in the movies and on television is portrayed as fun, exciting, sexy, rebellious or connected to wealth and power. That reinforces common advertising themes of the tobacco industry and increases youth smoking. is raising the awareness of smoking in the movies. Find and participate in reviews and ratings about who’s lighting up on screen.

At the Point of Sale

Cigarette companies increased their spending on point-of-sale marketing by almost $19 million between 2004 and 2005, and spent the bulk of their marketing dollars (81% or $10.6 billion) on strategies that facilitated retail sales, such as price discounts and ensuring prime retail space.

Misleading Anti-Smoking Campaigns

Targeting Specific Population Segments

Tobacco companies target specific populations. Find out how.

Get the latest reports about tobacco advertising techniques.

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