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Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Your Influence Matters

Your child is a target. The good news is, as a parent or caregiver, you are the biggest influence in your child’s life. That’s true despite peer pressure and all the music, TV, and movies your child takes in. In fact, research suggests that starting and continuing the conversation about tobacco is the best way to protect your child from whatever the tobacco industry may try.

Take Time to Spend with Your Child

With the tobacco industry bombarding children with tobacco ads and promotion, communication between parents and children is critical. Parents who begin early – and keep renewing the conversation with their kids about the dangers of tobacco and the ads their kids see every day – are more likely to arm their kids against the dangers of tobacco later. Spending time with kids, using fundamental parenting skills, being a good role model, and protecting them from secondhand smoke can give kids the edge they need.

You Can Help Protect Your Child from Tobacco

Parents who get involved in the community, in their schools, and in local organizations help meet their goals of having a tobacco-free child. They learn from other parents, from health professionals, and even from their own kids. And if they have a kid who already uses tobacco, they can help him or her stop.

Lean how to protect your child from tobacco. Are you a parent of a youth or young adult? Take the next step.

If You Smoke…

As a parent who smokes, it’s difficult to tell your kids not to smoke—and it’s harder for them to understand that they should not smoke when you, your partner, a relative or friend smokes.

Find out about the dangers of secondhand smoke and why not smoking around your kids is one of the most important decisions you can make.

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