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Remarkable Changes are Taking Place Across Maine

In Maine cities and towns, remarkable changes in tobacco prevention and control are happening. Parents are getting involved in their schools and communities, and they are working with other parents and organizations to meet the goals they’ve set for making their kids and communities tobacco free. Youth who are involved in tobacco prevention are furthering efforts of teachers and community leaders and having a profound influence on their peers and the adults around them.

Get Involved in Tobacco Prevention...

in Schools

in Your Community

in Athletics and Recreation Programs

in Your Child’s Life

in Creating Policy Change

in Youth Advocacy

in Youth Initiatives

Contact Your Local Healthy Maine Partnerships

The Healthy Maine Partnerships (HMPs) are building a healthier Maine by collaborating with local schools, community organizations, hospitals and other healthcare providers, businesses, municipalities, and volunteers. HMPs are dedicated to preventing diseases related to tobacco use, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition. By reducing these risks, they help us all live longer and healthier lives. There are local HMP organizations in your community.

Find a local HMP to get involved and make a difference in your community.

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