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Youth Involvement

Youth Play a Vital Role in Tobacco Prevention

Youth are making a big impact in Maine and nationally. They are getting involved in policy changes, and they are developing relationships with tobacco retailers to encourage them to reduce the amount of tobacco in their stores. They are exposing the lies of the tobacco companies, helping peers resist the pressures to smoke.

Here’s how youth can take a leading role in making their communities healthier:

Personally. By harnessing the powerful influence of peer pressure in a positive way, youth reduce and prevent tobacco use among their peers and empower them with the skills that they need to create a healthy community. Youth can help their peers who smoke to quit, and educate parents about the importance of living smoke free.

Through Community and School Action. Through the Star Store program, Maine youth have the opportunity to create working relationships between their Youth Advocacy Programs and local retailers. Part of the NO BUTS! program, the Star Store initiative encourages tobacco retailers to reduce the amount of tobacco advertising in their stores. Find out more.

The Maine Youth Action Network connects people and programs throughout Maine with the mission of training, supporting, connecting and advocating for youth. MYAN works with local HMPs as part of the Youth Advocacy Program.

Find a Healthy Maine Partnership (HMP) in your area to find out more about MYAN and the Star Store initative.

Through Social Action. Youth are often viewed as problems or victims in society, not as competent citizens capable of meaningful participation. But young people all over Maine are working to resist tobacco, and our communities are recognizing them as a huge potential resource. Organizations work to get Big Tobacco out of politics by engaging young people in the political process, and websites like SceneSmoking help youth effect change by building awareness of smoking in the movies.

Through Unleash Your C. PTM’s interactive teen website that addresses the dangers of smoking. Teens can navigate through interactive games and quizzes to learn the truth about tobacco use and how the choices they make affect them. Teens also have the opportunity to voice their opinions through videos that will appear on the unleashyourc web site as well as interact with UYC on social networking web sites. Unleash Your C.

Ready to take action?

Find information, motivating websites, and links where youth can take immediate action. Visit our Youth Advocacy page.

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